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Meeting Vanessa Lunn, from Momentomori Atelier - MODA22 coworker

Adventures are the best way to learn, that may be what Vanessa Lunn thought when created Momentomori, the new fashion brand that will change your mind about fast fashion.

Her parents lived in Hong Kong until she was born and she has always had in her mind to go back and try something new.

“Hong Kong is really international and interesting, no limits for people or culture.”

She studied Textiles at Central Saint Martins, learned how to make fabrics and construct them. “The fabric is the most important part of the collection”, she says: “It’s not necessary to make something new or set the trends, it’s better to bring back who we used to be, wearing something that makes you feel nice.”

She started one year ago, inspired by Japanese kimonos and the large traditional and delicate ways to make clothes…

Excited and scared for this new way in her life, Vanessa takes inspiration from her grandmother, who makes clothes for her entire family. Learning from her mother and a few designer friends. Mixing her knowledge about textiles and fashion design. This whole year has been an amazing learning curve for her.

When she looks at the fashion world, specially in Europe, she feels that we have lost the connection with how we make clothes and the process that fabrics go through before we get to wear them.

She wants to bring that side back. “It’s important to not throw things away that are not broken. Why buy something new when you have already things perfectly wearable?”. And she’s trying to make things new again.

“I’m excited about mixing the English & Japanese culture and combining vintage clothes to create something new.”

Everybody wears denim jackets and that’s the reason why she started working on vintage denim jackets, adding silk from old kimonos. They look like brand new jackets. Some of them are quite damaged, some of them look like new. She takes them all apart to customize them and give them a second life.

Welcome to MODA22 Vanessa! :)

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